Written Neuropathy Testimonials South Jersey

J.C.'s 5-star review for neurology pain

I had been having pain in my right foot. I had pain, numbness, tingling, the whole 9 yards. My PCP sent me to a neurologist he diagnosed it but didn't offer any treatment. I went to a seminar held by the Liebman Wellness Center. I thought, what have I got to lose? I made an appointment and after the evaluation and treatment I felt relief! I went once a week for 10 weeks! I had been using a walking stick/cane since I couldn't tell if my foot was on the ground or not. Before the 10 weeks I was walking without the cane! When they told me I'd feel a great improvement I thought, yeah. I cannot believe I feel 100% better! I talked to other patients in the waiting area and we all said the same thing, I WISH I HAD KNOWN ABOUT THIS SOONER!!!

I am grateful to the entire staff.

Marlton, New Jersey
Janice B.'s 5-star review for scrambler sessions

My name is Janice and I live in Barrington, NJ. I’ve just completed a series of “scrambler sessions” to deal with my neuropathy. I have dealt with neuropathy issues for the last 11 years. I started with idiopathic peripheral neuropathy, meaning, no particular medical cause for the neuropathy. The last two years the neuropathy symptoms increased while being treated with chemo from breast cancer.

Up until two weeks ago I have been dealing with all the uncomfortable feelings that neuropathy can give you: Burning feet, stabbing pains, itching of hands and feet, tingling and loss of feeling and numbness in hands and feet. My worst times are standing on my feet for any length of time, driving, air temperature changes, etc. When I sit down after coming home from work, just when I want to relax, my hands and feet do not.

Yes, I have been on several medicines over the years to help keep the symptoms in check, but I was not as ease and nervous about being on these medicines and the side effects the medicines may end up giving me. I am 63 years old and I don’t want to be on that much medicine at this point of my life. My husband read in the newspaper about this new treatment of neuropathy without medicine and suggested I look into it.

I am happy to say that after the two week program I have much more tolerable symptoms of my neuropathy. Several days ago I stood for four hours on blacktop working on project for my job. Surprisingly, I had no discomfort during or after the project. I am able to drive without the neuropathy bothering my feet constantly. I can get up out of a chair and walk and actually have more of a normal feeling back in my feet. This past week I have been wearing a new pair of shoes that I hadn’t been able to wear because they triggered by neuropathy symptoms.

I realize this scrambler treatment is not a cure for neuropathy, but it has given me much relief without being on a medicinal route. It’s the right treatment for me!

I hope the relief continues indefinitely and look forward to enjoying my new “Happy Feet”.

Janice B.
Marlton, New Jersey
Terry G.'s 5-star review for neuropathy relief

I started the neuropathy program in April 2016 after chemotherapy induced neuropathy. I could barely walk! I remember my first laser treatment I felt the pain starting to leave my legs. I went with my husband over the holidays to Florida and I was actually playing golf! I couldn’t walk now I’m golfing! I’m so happy I decided to undergo this neuropathy treatment!

Terry G.
Swedesboro, NJ
Joanne H.'s 5-star review for neuropathy laser

I am so happy I was recommended here! I’ve been coming here since October and very happy with the outcome of laser for the neuropathy in my hands and feet! Thank you so much!

Joanne H.
Marlton, New Jersey
Nancy S.'s 5-star Google review for neuropathy treatment

It’s an amazing treatment I went from 83% to 50% in my calf and foot this was a 20 year numbness injury. I’m thrilled and it will get better over time! Great staff.

Nancy S.
Marlton, New Jersey
Terry B.'s 5-star review for peripheral neuropathy relief

It’s awesome to see that other people are getting the same results that I got. It is so good to be pain free from the burning sensation of peripheral neuropathy. Thank you again Dr Derek and Dr Jesse!!

Terry B.
Marlton, New Jersey
Jose's 5-star review for neuropathy relief treatment

I suffered many years of severe pain. My life was miserable, I didn’t want to walk. I missed time and outing with my family. I did not want to worry the wife and kids. But I was living with such a pain to both my legs and feet that I even wish that I had no legs due to the pain; I wish this pain on no one. After many years of doctor visits and many medication, the side effects were from being moody and depressed.

My wife Found this place Liebman Wellness Center. I must admit I was skeptical at first but, I said what do I have to loose, I have tried all kind of medications and nothing works.

The first day of treatment was a day I will never forget it was the day I was reborn. I left the practice trotting and stomping the ground, with tears of joy. I couldn’t feel the pain that has haunted me for years. Needless to say I went to the local Mall and walked for hours. I have shared my story because it is true the treatment does work, but like everything it takes a little time and commitment from you.

I am now working with my doctors to weaning me off of the medications that never really worked. I am a very successful business owner, a husband, and a father. Thank you Liebman Wellness Center for giving me back my life.

Marlton, New Jersey
Jane F.'s 5-star Google review for neuropathy staff

Wonderful staff – very thoughtful, knowledgeable and helpful at every turn. Great experience every time I come in and I am feeling great results thanks to Dr. Liebman and the team.

Jane F.
Marlton, New Jersey

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