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Acute or chronic pain can stem from a lack of movement and flexibility in a particular area of the body. It is common to experience this type of pain due to an old injury or damaged tissue.

As our body tries to repair damaged or injured tissue, it can accumulate a build-up of scar tissue and adhesions in the affected area. This build-up can result in pain and a limited range of motion. In order to relieve these symptoms, it is necessary to beak-up the scar tissues causing such symptoms. Luckily, at Liebman Wellness Center we provide a non-invasive treatment to address scar tissue build-up.

Patient receiving Rapid Release Therapy as part of the neuropathy treatment protocol at Liebman Wellness Center in Marlton

Benefits Of Rapid Release Therapy

Rapid Release Therapy helps reduce pain while increasing the range of motion in the affected area. It is a comfortable treatment that provides long-lasting effects. This therapy has been effective for relieving pain in specific regions and conditions, including:

  • Trapped/Pinched Nerves
  • Shoulders, Ankles, and Neck pain
  • Muscle Spasm
  • TMJ
  • Tendinosis/Tendonitis
  • Tennis Elbow
  • Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
  • Frozen Shoulder

How Rapid Release Therapy Works

Rapid Release Therapy uses high-speed vibration technology through a handheld precise device. The vibrations and short-stroke actions dispensed by the device quickly blast away scar tissue and nerve restricting blockages surrounding the affected area. Once restricting scar tissue and nerve blockages are released, patients typically experience relief from pain, tension, limited range of motion, as well as chronic and acute muscle spasms.

If you find yourself dealing with chronic or acute pain, we are here to help with non-invasive treatment options. For more information about this treatment, give us a call today (856) 596-3000 to schedule a consultation.

Patient consultation with doctor
At Liebman Wellness Center, we provide innovative therapies to help patients suffering from peripheral neuropathy and associated pain find relief. Call now to get started with your customized treatment plan!

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