Neuropathic Cancer Pain South Jersey

After experiencing months of long-lasting pain, including headaches and pain related to cancer, it can leave you with chronic pain even after you’re in remission or the cancer is gone.

Patient experiencing Neuropathic Cancer Pain and in need of the neuropathy treatment protocol at Liebman Wellness Center in Marlton

What Can Cause Neuropathic Cancer Pain?

Neuropathic Cancer pain is pain that ranges in severity and has lasted for six months or more. It often includes conditions like:

  • lower back pain
  • osteoarthritis
  • rheumatoid arthritis
  • neuropathic pain
  • fibromyalgia
  • many other conditions

Patients with this condition have trouble sleeping. They are tired, depressed, and struggle to maintain their responsibilities such as work or looking after their family. According to the researchers at, upwards of 50% of cancer patients experience pain while undergoing treatment, and up to 90% of people with advanced cancer experience pain. In some cases, patients take medication, which can later cause pain, numbness, redness, or irritation. Luckily, Liebman Wellness Center is here to offer you an alternative to these medications.

How Can Our physicians Help With Neuropathic Cancer Pain?

Often, following chemotherapy, nerve pathways are damaged and produce more pain. Pain that occurs from your condition or the treatment can quickly become chronic if you don’t get the right treatment. Changes to the body’s nerves from the disease and chemotherapy are inherent in most cancer patients, which is why most will subsequently end up experiencing pain from nerve damage.

At Liebman Wellness Center, our peripheral neuropathic treatments are noninvasive and have helped our patients find pain relief. If your medications are no longer working or have caused unpleasant symptoms, we’re here to offer you an alternative. Give us a call today at (856) 596-3000 .

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At Liebman Wellness Center, we provide innovative therapies to help patients suffering from peripheral neuropathy and associated pain find relief. Call now to get started with your customized treatment plan!

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