Dr. Derek Bruno, DC


  • Guest speaker at national Chiropractic Conferences
  • Thompson Certified Practitioner
  • Healthcare Advisor/Consultant at the International Pain Foundation (www.powerofpain.org)
  • Member of the Foundation for Peripheral Neuropathy

Education & Training

Bachelor of Science, Biology
Bachelor of Arts, Secondary Education
Doctorate of Chiropractic

Honors & Awards

  • “Thompson Certified Practitioner”
  • “Healthcare Advisor”

Dr. Derek Bruno began his interest in helping and healing people as a child in Dr. Jesse’s office.

With his mother, his grandmother, and even himself as a patient, it was impossible to ignore the daily miracles that took place.

Dr. Derek’s experience with Dr. Jesse continued through high school as an employee, into college with Dr. Jesse as a mentor, and now they work as a team to provide unparalleled care for every member of the community.

In an effort to help people the best way he had ever seen, Dr. Derek completed two Bachelor’s degrees – in Biology and in Secondary Education – followed immediately by his Doctorate in chiropractic.

Dr. Derek’s motivation for focusing on what have been come accepted as “irreversible conditions” was the neuropathy his own grandmother suffered from; she had suffered with neuropathy for years without any hope of relief.

Her feet ached, were freezing cold, and it always felt like she was walking on balled-up-socks. It got so bad she described her feet as “wood planks” rather than feet.

Today, his grandmother is able to tell anyone who asks that her “feet feel like feet” again.