Functional Neurology

Functional Neurology

As chiropractors with a specialized focus on functional neurology, we take an in depth look at the spectrum of reasons behind the pain and other neurological symptoms that a patient is experiencing.

Every patient is unique, so this requires a very thorough patient history and neuromuscular examination as we search for clues, patterns and extremes that are out of the norm.

What we’re truly looking for is the break or blockage in communication between the brain and the rest of the body. When we identify the area of disruption on the nervous system, we can begin to correct the problem and alleviate this problem at the source.

Let’s break this down into a simple analogy of a garden hose. Somewhere between the toes and the brain the nerve flow is getting blocked and somewhere between the end of the hose and the main, the water is not getting through.

Sometimes the hose is plugged at the end with dirt clod. This would be akin to a nerve receptor problem on the skin in the toes. The hose may instead be crimped which would be like pressure on the nerve as it exits the spine. But trouble could also be further ‘up stream’ at the spigot or even at the main, which neurologically would be a problem w/the central nervous system or in the brain.

When someone begins to lose feeling in their feet, that often means the large sensor nerves in the legs and spine are not working properly, not delivering the information from the feet to the brain. As they start to go ‘offline’, not only will the lack of sensation increase but so will the pain because they’re not hitting the brakes on the pain fibers which will the naturally begin to fire more.

Upstream, balance can also be affected. We get balance in three main ways:

  • using our eyes and seeing our environment.
  • through the vestibular system, including the 3 semicircular canals in our inner ear, which is what gets us sick on a roller coaster.
  • feeling through our feet

And the health problems continue to snowball from here. Poor balance leaves a patient vulnerable to all sorts of problems and can inhibit the functions of a normal life.

This is why we focus so heavily on functional neurology. We see tremendous results with our patients in restoring a level of health and wellness that the nervous system can slowly remove when it begins to malfunction and the problem is not addressed properly.

Please contact us today and let’s begin the conversation about alleviating your nerve disorders using functional neurology. Please call as at (856) 475-8080 or request an appointment and we’ll be in touch shortly.


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