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No more headaches, I feel much better now!

My knee pain relieved after one month of treatment

Thanks to Liebman Wellness, I Am Not Dependent on Pain Medication

Improved balance to walk again

Severe Neuropathy treated with Scrambler

plantar fasciitis laser treatment

Peripheral Neuropathy and Back Pain

Treatment for Neuropathy in Feet and The Pain Associated

Almost all pain gone after just 1 treatment with Scrambler Therapy

Relief from Neuropathy In My Feet

Rotator Cuff Surgery Pain Relief

Drastically Reduced Pain Medications

Relief from Neuropathy Pain – Burning Toes

No more walking on pins and needles!

Came in on a wheelchair, and now I can walk!

I can now sleep at night with Calmare

Big improvements to both hands and feet

Significant Improvement for Neuropathy in Hands, Legs, and Feet

Experienced tremendous relief in my legs and feet

I can stand for 6 hours without pain

Walked in on a cane, walked out with no pain

This treatment really works for me

Very significant improvement and feeling in my legs and feet

I’ve tried everything, this treatment really worked

Right foot neuropathy is just about gone

Neuropathy in lower legs is now gone!

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